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Solidworks becomes irresponsive after clicking xyz curve option

Question asked by Sarvesh Ambekar on May 7, 2020

Hi guys.. I am facing a strange issue in SolidWorks.

I am using SolidWorks 2020 SP1.0 and lately, I have seen a strange issue when I want to use xyz curve option. After clicking the icon a dialogue box for entering co-ordinates uploading co-ordinate file does not appear & Solidwork becomes irresponsive. Once this happens there is nothing I can do in the active secession. In this phase only few commands allowing customization menus or print option is available. In this situation there in no other solution than to kill the secession from Windows Task manager.

I have tried several options and even tried repairing installation but it is not working. Does anyone has experienced this issue before and more importantly what can be solution a solution for it?