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Where to find error logs for Design Table?

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Christopher Buckley

I am getting multiple error dialog popups after opening/closing my Design Table. These each detail a specific error, and only give me the option to press "OK" at which point the dialog closes. I want to resolve these errors, but cannot interact with either the Design Table or Solidworks until these dialogs are closed with "OK". If I press OK, I have no documentation on the errors, so cannot fix them. An example pop-up dialog box is attached (Note I have several of these pop-ups prior to being able to interact with Solidworks or the Design Table). I would really like to avoid having to take a screenshot of each of these as my only workaround as this is utterly inefficient.

Is there anywhere I can find an error log or similar file to keep track of what errors were previously presented in these pop-up dialog boxes?

Any help appreciated!