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SW/PDM 2020 Task Pane Addin Troubles

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on May 5, 2020
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After finally getting a fix for 


Serious Problem with EPDM API in SOLIDWORKS 2020 


I have begun testing with SW/PDM 2020 and I am running into some flaky behavior with the PDM Task Pane add-in:


  1. If I am logged in with my admin account, log out and then log in with my normal account, I can see admin only things such as tabs on data cards that should only be visible to admins.  This only occurs when viewing the card from the PDM task pane.  The opposite scenario is also true.  When switching from regular user to admin user and the tabs I should be able to see as admin are not visible.
  2. Wrong data cards are being shown  
    1. Copy Tree a file, manipulate it's data card, rename and move the file to a different directory
    2. Copy Tree the original file again
    3. When I open the new copy in SOLIDWORKS and view the data card, what I see is the data card from the first copy, including any modifications.  Not just the data, the entire card.  The workflow state is incorrect, the fields that should be editable are not, and the displayed workflow state is incorrect.  Here are the cards for the same file shown in Explorer and SOLIDWORKS respectively:

At this point , SOLIDWORKS is completely off the rails.  The task pane tree looks like this:


Everything is checked out.  If I try to check it in, I get this:


The affected files that is says aren't checked out are both checked out. If I click 'Yes', nothing happens.  The files remain checked out.  If I go to the drawing of the assembly and try to check it in, I get the same warning, but only the drawing file is listed.  If I click 'Yes' the normal Check-In dialog is displayed and the check-in succeeds.  Once checked in, everything corrects itself and the problems are gone.


There is going to be a lot of confusion among my users due to this.