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Aligning/centering a rectangular part to a rectangular hole - why doesn't it mate if it technically can?

Question asked by Valery Volkov on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by Valery Volkov

It clearly has the freedom so I should be able to make a point coincident with the line as I prove in the demo video. Why doesn't it mate? And I tried making the two lines colinear, didn't work either as you can see in the demo. No good, it requires me to break other mates.


Video#1 : 


That's another issue on top of that. This thing behaves rather oddly, it's obvious coincident to the PCB (green) but I don't see it on the mates list. That's video #2




There are some copyrights issue with this file and it's a big assembly so I can't really upload it however I did attach the electronic connector that I'm working with. The other part (green) is just a flat part with a square hole