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File operations (Folder create, file save, file copy, etc) in C# with PDM

Question asked by Eric Snyder on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Eric Snyder

How to do file and folder operations in PDM (not ePDM) using C#? I am trying to create folders and files and save them in the vault. When I run in a vault location:

DirectoryInfo dir = Directory.CreateDirectory(newDirectoryName);

my dir object has values and says the folder exists. When I go to the folder that I tried to create the sub folder in my new folder that I tried to create does not show up. The Directory.CreateDirectory does not throw an exception. I can successfully use this same code to create a sub-folder in a non vault folder.


I am assuming I will have the same issues with moving files, deleting files and just about any other file or folder operation.


Is there a way to:


1) Create a sub folder in a folder using C# and PDM?

2) Is there a design pattern for doing file operations in a PDM environment?


My dropback is to create the things I need at a non vault location and have the user manually move them but I hate manual work around, they tend to break.