Dennis Frber

Electrical 3D - StandAlone or Add-In?

Discussion created by Dennis Frber on May 4, 2020

Hey Guys,


I have a question i cant really find an answer for. There is a lot of documentation for the mechanical aswell as for the electrical versions of SW. In our company we have two small departments of mechanical and electrical engineers. The mechanical engineering department is using SW and PDM. To improve the coordination between both of the departments we want the electrical department to use SW Electrical and PDM.


On the SW homepage aswell as on the homepages of some resellers I see that there is, besides of SW Electrical, a product called Electrical 3D which is included in Electrical Professional. This product would fit our needs perfectly.


HOWEVER, if I look into it and watch some of the tutorials, it seems to work a little different than the description tells you. When the electrical construction is done, the lecturers are switching to Solidworks and start using Electrical 3D as and Add-In for SW. So it seems necessary for electrical engineers to have SW aswell as SWE3D and for mechanical engineers to have SWE3D aswell as SW.


In my understanding the workflow should be that electrical engineers plan something and the mechanical engineers can (without the need to understand the electrical construction) place the 3D Models of the electrical components in their 3D Mechanical drawing and maybe let SW do the wiring, too. Now the electrical engineers could verify the positions based on security parameters and maybe even change the positions, which has to be verified by the mechanical engineers again. So there is a "back and forth checking each other" workflow in place.


But to do so it seems that the electrical engineers need SW and the mechanical engineers need SWE3D licenses. So we would need double the number of licenses.


Is this correct? Or can anyone give some information how to handle this in the best way?