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    Hyperlink notes in drawings

    Jeff Hamilton
      I have just recently discovered that if you add a hyperlink to a Solidworks drawing it does maintain the link when the drawing is saved as a PDF. This could be very useful in linking the drawing to other associated documents, like specifications.
      What I would like to do is add the hyperlink to a small portion of the drawing notes which lists the related specification number. Unfortunately, adding a hyperlink anywhere in the note convers the entire note into a hyperlink which can then become very difficult to edit.
      Anyone found a remedy for this? Is it worth putting in for an enhancement request?
        • Hyperlink notes in drawings
          Eddie Cyganik

          I came acoss this problem a while back and was about to give up until I figured out yet one more work-around .

          I created a reference note for assembly instructions:


          Next, I positioned and "grouped" the assembly note with the rest of the general notes.

          Problem with this is that any modification such as; bullets, numbering, indents or any font tools will effect the original notes only, not the grouped one. So double edits may be required.

          We don't use bullets & numbering so the work-around is not a big deal.

          The hyperlink should activate only when you hover your cursor over the high-lighted text. Or, SolidWorks could institute a setting like PowerPoint has. If you are running a PP presentation, then hyperlinks act normal. If you are editing a presentation, then only a "Ctrl Select" will activate the hyperlink.

          EDIT: One other thing I failed to mention. Hyperlinks placed on the sheet format level do not work while you are at sheet level. We have all of our notes on the sheet format so they cannot be accidentally picked, moved or modified.
            • Hyperlink notes in drawings
              Jeff Hamilton
              We have long lists of notes with bullet points, some of which may reference other documents, like specifications. It would be nice to have the hyperlink only accessable by clicking on the text of the specification number as listed in that part of the note.

              Right now my work around is to create a hyperlink to a separate piece of text near the title block which has the spec. number in it.

              I did put in an enhancement request on it.
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                  Eddie Cyganik


                  I think you could still use the grouping work-around, give it a try. You can edit each separately, as a matter of fact when selected, the general notes have green grip points and the grouped note with hyperlink has pink grip points. You could go a step further and make your links blue & underlined. Just place them at the end of the lines where they are required.

                  I know it is a pain for something that works so simply in any other application.

                  There sould be no need for any ERs!!!

                  SolidWorks needs to learn how to implement functionality that works. Especially when employing "existing" technology. This kind of stuff is really getting old!

                  ...and if anyone pipes up with "Oh, you're on SP blah, blah blah and that was fixed in SP3.0."
                  ...well, I think you'll find me screaming & running from the building.
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                Glenn Schroeder

                I know this is an old Discussion, but I've run into the same situation.  I'd like to have only one or two words of a Note to be the hyperlink instead of the whole thing.  Is this still not possible?