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Best-Practice - Handling of Metadata between SolidWorks and a PDM-System

Discussion created by Michael Faust on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by Jeff Sweeney

Hello everybody,

I would like to discuss with you guys your experiences and practices of solidwork file metadata/attribute handeling.



On the one hand side, there's the possibility to save attribute/metadata information of the part file into the CAD file before importing the it into a PDM system. Then the PDM system detects the attribute and fullfils the equivalent attribute for the PDM article as well.


On the other hand, you could do it vice versa. For example, you first create the the PDM article, with all necessary attributes. Later on, on that basis you create the 3D CAD file, getting all the information from the PDM article like author, drawing no., ERP code etc.


  1. How do you handle this approach?
  2. Are there any attributes that you only admistrate via SolidWorks?
    1. Volumen, Weight, Material?
  3. Are there any attributes that you only admistrate only via your PDM-System?
    1. ERP Code, Drawing no., Material, author, revision number?


I would be very happy to know more about the way you handle your SolidWorks metadata exchange between SolidWorks and your PDM System and discuss that with your.


Best Regards