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Best-Practice for Neutral Format import in SolidWorks

Discussion created by Michael Faust on May 3, 2020
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Hello everybody,


I would like to discuss with you guys your experiences with the import of neutral file formats such as .STEP, PARASOLID (BINARY), ACIS etc.

Do you have any Best-Practice approach regarding the minimum need of usage for the import diagnostics?



We regularly get 3d-models from our suppliers, where we have to put extra work into them. The 3d data have issues like gaps and missing faces, which will cause problems in our assemblies later on. Suddenly the cross-section functionality doesn't work anymore, for instance. Other issues could be the complete kill of a SolidWorks instance, in case you want to suppress a part of a supplier's assembly.


I would be very happy to know more about the way you handle your data coming from suppliers and discuss that with your.


Best Regards