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Bend lines not mapping on DXF export from slddrw

Question asked by Garreth Cregg Guinan on May 1, 2020

Hi all,


I'm having problems getting bendline to export from slddrw files.


If I make a DXF directly from the SLDPRT file (bendline1.png) then in the mapping settings Bend line up and down are available options (bl2.png) but after the DXF is exported there's no drawing template.


If I make a DXF of a SLDDRW (bl3.png), there is no option under the mapping options for Bend line up/down. There is an option for breaklines, but that does not actually map the bendlines.


Furthermore, if I save the mapping file from the sldprt file and try and reuse it in a slddrw, it renames bendline up / down to bounding box & revision cloud (bl4.png).


It this just a bug? I'm currently using SW2019 SP05 / Win 10 w/ PDM standard