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How to add Mate controller position using an external data file

Question asked by Minh Nha Pham on May 2, 2020



I try to make a motion animation using Mate controller. I have known that we can create many positions by manually set values for mates in mate controller, then create a video using those positions (as shown in the link: 2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Adding Positions in Mate Controller ). However, it may take some time to do this task if we have many positions. So, my question is how can we quickly create mate positions in mate controller using data from external files, for example, csv files.


For example, if my mate controller has only one mate (angle in degree), and I have a data file with a column of 100 values (angle in degree). How can I quickly generate 100 positions in the mate controller by automatically reading/loading the data file?


Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.