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Slot Tab 2018

Question asked by Matt Juric on Apr 30, 2020

I'm pretty sure the answer is "No it does not do that in 2018" and "You have to make an extra cut to remove the remaining material"....but I thought I'd ask anyway in case there was some super slick trick.


I'm trying to use sheet metal tabs and slots in 2018. When you make the tab shorter than material thickness rather than taking the slot thru the entire material, it makes a pocket. Kind of silly since today 99% of this kind of work is laser, flame etc so no pockets. I did find where they changed this to default to thru material in 2019. See the second picture, but is there an easy way to make this happen in 2018?


This is what 2018 gives me. I want the slot thru as shown with read lines.


Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well.