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Machine Setup Missing with Multi-Monitors

Question asked by Devon Willett on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by See Alex

When I have monitors connected to my laptop, the primary way I work, I cannot access the machine setup for Solidworks CAM. Any way I try(Clicking define machine in the solidworks cam tab, right clicking and selecting edit definition, double clicking, etc.) it will not open. The second feature tree opens and all the CAM functions grey out but the dialog window for machine setup is no where to be found on any monitor.


I have to disconnect my monitors, open it on my laptop, and then plug my monitors back in. I have to do this every time. It doesn't matter where I leave the machine setup window, if I close it with my monitors plugged in then it's gone. I have to unplug my monitors again to access it.