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Simulation Fails for Assembly (component probably unrestrained?)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Apr 30, 2020
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by Dave Krum

Hello All,

I have a structure that I'm trying to run a simulaton on but getting the error per below snapshot.  After doing some research it appears that one or more of the components (splice plates) could be unrestrained that leads to causing the error at the last step of "run".  Or the contact sets are incorrect. When trying to run however, the study crashes with the error below.  I usually only model and don't run simulations but this is for a side project with structure that would sit off in the grass (not overhead of traffic) but we're still trying to anticipate the drop at end with loading and gravity as marked under forces. I did get this model to work w/o any splice plates under different model by getting rid of 1/8" gap for splice plates and making it all one long mast weldment but this assembly with splice plate component simulation won't go.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I have spent quite a while trying all different combinations of contact sets w/ bonding vs. no penetration, etc with no luck, always a crash.  I have it fixed at base plate and all globally bonded and got rid of bolts to simplify it by bonding splice plates to structure, maybe this is the issue (even tried removing all but one of plates from analysis). Contact sets and component contacts are involved I think.  I've attached the zip of the assembly. Thanks in advance for any help.