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Sketched lines are not staying coincident with sheetmetal bend lines after exit sketch

Question asked by David McCullough on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by David McCullough

Hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this before. If it is a known issue with Solidworks or if I did something crazy. I have been creating sketches for months now on a sheet metal flat pattern and making lines coincident with the auto-generated bend lines. The purpose of this is so the cutting machine just etches an inch long line instead of the entire length of the part. 


So i started a sketch as usual, drew and dimensioned the lines as usual, and then when I exited the sketch, the lines just moved to seemingly random places. The size of this part was changed and extended from the original, but I have never had an issue with this before.


Anyone have any thoughts?