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Reference Display Discrepancy After Copy Tree

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Apr 28, 2020

SW/PDM 2020 SP2, but it also occurs with SW/PDM 2017  SP5


I have a set of test files I use for add-in testing and user training.  Very simple,  just an assembly with two parts and one subassembly with two additional parts.  The main assembly, subassembly and one of the parts have drawings.  I typically use Copy Tree on the top level drawing to copy all parts and drawings to another directory for users to work with during training and add a prefix such as TEST or TEST2 to each file:



While doing some training today, I noticed that there is an odd discrepancy between the feature manager tree, the PDM task pane and the 'File....Find References' dialog.  Here's the feature manager:


Here's the PDM task pane:


And finally the references dialog:


Three different results.  What in the world is going on?  If I rebuild the assembly, everything corrects itself to match the file references dialog, but I shouldn't have to do that.  I have validated this behavior on two user's machines, both with SW2017 and on my development machine running SW2020.  My regular workstation running SW2017 does NOT exhibit this behavior, which makes this even stranger, and leads me to believe it is a SOLIDWORKS or PDM add-in option of some sort.  However, I cannot seem to find the 'Lie about component names' checkbox in the System Options.


Has anyone seen this problem or does anyone have any insight about the cause?


EDIT:  Found a relevant SPR: 414257


But, this doesn't explain why one machine handles this without problems.