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Routing guidelines don't update when schematic is changed (using SW Elec 2018)

Question asked by Jason Lieving on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Guillermo Gutierrez

I noticed when I was routing a large harness that one of my guidelines was going to the wrong connection point. I realized that my schematic was incorrect, so I updated it so that the cable was going to the correct from and to location. When I switched back to my harness assembly and went back in to edit the route, the guideline is still active to the previous location (connector). When I try to route manually to the correct updated location, Solidworks does not recognize it as a wire and will not merge to the existing route. I've tried to rerun the route harness using update from-to list, but still the guideline shows it going to the wrong connector. I've checked the wire order and it shows that the connection points have been updated to the new location.