Matt S.

BOM Error

Discussion created by Matt S. on Apr 27, 2020

Recently, within the past few weeks, when trying to import an en excel based BOM I get an error "close method of workbook failed." This seems to be pretty common. There's another thread here now with the same thing and I saw another last week so something must have changed somewhere causing it. When adding a Excel BOM to drawing getting: "close method of workbook class failed" 


So ok, no big deal. I can just use the regular BOM instead. I've already set the layout on that last year we just had always used the excel style but can transition. I like the excel format anyway. However when going to insert the BOM I get an error saying "This drawings contains an excel-based BOM..To insert a SW based BOM first delete the excel-based version." 


How do I delete the excel version? The table never showed up due to the first error. I don't see anything on the feature manager. If I delete the sheet and make a new one I still get an error saying the excel one is in an inactive sheet. I don't want to have to redo the entire drawing because of this.