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Add-In Command Tab defaults to active in documents

Question asked by Alexander Baer on Apr 25, 2020

Hi all,


Whenever I create an Add-In I've noticed that its command tab is always the active tab when first opening a document of a given type. For example, the first time I open a part in a given session the Add-In tab is active. If I make a different command tab active and then open another part the correct tab is still active (not the Add-In).


This behavior would repeat whenever I start a new SW session or for the next type of document to open (assembly or drawing) I'm not sure what causes it.


For reference, I have this issue with the API sample even without modification in both C# and VB.NET Add-Ins. The link below is referring to the API sample that also shows this issue.


2018 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Create Flyouts in the CommandManager Example (C#) 


Any suggestions on how to have the correct command tab as active when opening a new document?