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Simulation of Overhanging(?) beam

Discussion created by Apollo Choi on Apr 27, 2020
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Hi. First of all, I am not a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. So please understand my ignorant. 


I am simulating of radial spring with overhanging(?) beam like the first image. 


For simulation, I used the equation below.


Factor N = (4 * E * δ * w * t^3 * 10^9) / (g * m * L^3)


Material = Ti-6Al-4V,
E (GPA) = 121 GPa: E
Length (mm) = 33.00: L
Thickness (mm) = 0.4 : t 
Deflection (mm) = 1.0 mm: d
Total deflection δ = deflection d + thickness t = 1.4
Preload = (factor) x (weight of element)


mass of the lens g is 202.21 (g)

width of spring w is 9.0 (mm)


In my case, Factor N is 6.0, total force of center is 11.91N.


But like the second, third picture, Deflection of center is 1.33~1.34 mm.


So I modeled many cases like the fourth picture, also a triangle, trapezoid. But the result is not correct or failed to simulate because of large displacement.


Please help me to model the finest result. I really stuck at this simple simulation... 

Thank you for reading this.