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Why does Solidworks screw up profile locations/orientations when editing weldment groups?

Question asked by Geoff Allard on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by Geoff Allard

I use weldments daily (for the past 6+ years) so I am fairly proficient with using the feature. So, here comes the rant: as with many things "SOLIDWORKS", after all these years it has some REALLY annoying glitches in my opinion. I love using "groups" inside the weldment tool. It's nice in that, if you can plan ahead a little and choose your lines with some thought then you can really cut down on 1) the number of structural features in your tree and 2) the number of trim/extend features in the tree. But here's the rub: if you need to edit one of the features, specifically remove a line segment from one of your "groups" SW seems to take this as a "free for all" to do whatever the hell it wants. It almost ALWAYS re-orients all the rest of my segments to something other than what it was set as initially. So, you click the "OK" green checkmark and next thing you know: Voila! Model look ridiculous and may have a bunch of errors if other features were "children" of that weldment feature. Here's a novel idea: If I'm just trying to remove ONE line segment (happens all the time, "Oh the boss said we don't need that particular piece"), leave the rest of them alone! If I want to change other items, SOLIDWORKS, I will let you know.