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Modify part file, when inserted in assembly, just like the bolts in the Design library

Question asked by Killer Kendzefer on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Jeremiah Feist

Hello Colleagues,


I am starting this thread, as I have not found any related threads here on a problem with SolidWorks, that I really am to solve.


I try to create a pipe, that has three parameters: outer diameter (D), wall thickness (T) and length (L).


When I insert the part in an assembly I want to have a drop-down menu to choose a standard D and T, plus an extrude tool to vary the L according to my technical needs in the drawing, but L should not exceed a certain manufacturing length. Any combination of parameters I give, while inserting the part should not be saved on the source part file.


The bolts from the Design Library have exactly the properties, I ask about here.


I tried to create a pipe in a part file and configured it at the standard sizes. When I inserted it in a part file and modify the extrusion, the extrusion is inevitably saved in the part file.


Is there a way to create a part file, that I can modify by insertion without modifying the original source file, like the bolts from the Design Library?


Thank you for considering my question.


Kind regards.