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When adding a Excel BOM to drawing getting: "close method of workbook class failed"

Question asked by Jeroen Knuvelder on Apr 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Jeroen Knuvelder

Since about a week ago I'm getting a "close method of workbook class failed" when adding a Excel based BOM to my drawings. Excel does seem to load, but when trying to add it to SolidWorks it refuses to work.


Because of this error I can't save my drawings afterwards, and I have to force quite it through task manager.

Also after this error SolidWorks doesn't close properly anymore, it will keep running in the background.


I thought it might be related to a windows update and tried to fix it with: VBA Solutions , but that did not seem to fix the issue.




Does anyone have a similar problem or know a fix for it?


Edit (24-04-2020): I'm almost certain this is caused by windows update "KB4549951", my colleagues now expreience this same issue. We unfortunately depend on Excel BOM's.