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Trouble making organic form (please help)

Discussion created by Dan Hurd on Apr 23, 2020
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Hi all,


I'm designing a one-handed controller with an ergonomic organic form, pictured below:





I've attempted to make it with a loft in Solidworks and created guide curves from some sketch pictures of the front and side profiles I drew of the form. See below:

As you can see on the side profile, I decided to simplify the shape by flattening and rounding over the faces with more complex geometry. I had planned to add these surface features later by making extruded cuts into the loft.


The image below shows these profiles drawn as guide curves in solidworks:


I then pierced ellipse profiles through the side guide curve. see below


Due to my limited knowledge of the software, I thought this would have been sufficient to allow me to loft through the profiles and achieve the desired form using both of the guide curves. I quickly found this wasn't the case. I am unable to use the front guide curve to define the form. Using only the side, pierced, guide curve leaves me with an unwanted form, shown below:

I realise now that in order to achieve the desired form, the ellipsical profiles in the loft must also be piercing the front guide curve (selected in blue above). The problem is, to the best of my knowledge, this cannot be done with the method I am using. 


This is because the form tapers downwards at one end, meaning there is no way the profiles in this section can meet the guide curve positioned above it. See below:




I am still fairly new to CAD and am aware there is other software which can make creating such an organic form easier, however, Solidworks is the program my university uses and it is more than capable of making this shape. I am not, but i'm trying. 


So is there anyway to make the form I am looking for with the method I am using? If so, please let me know! Alternatively, if there is another method I should be using in this context? If that is the case, could you possibly set me in the right direction to attaining the desired outcome.


Many thanks,