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Time to learn programming. -> strengthened from the crisis

Question asked by Hansjörg Wolff on Apr 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by Matthew Cempa


i just start to improve my skills in programming makros. In the past i use vba for my macros. But i did not realy programm the macros. Most of them i copy code from macros i found in the forum and then use trail and error as long the macro works in the way i need.

I decided to use for my new macros. Therefore i bought the book "Automating Solidworks 2019 using Macros" from @Mike Spens.


Maybe there are some comrade-in-arms and we can build a small group to help each other.


I started my selfeducation today with a lot of ambition, but within a short time i run 3 times in trouble.


1. Problem
Fundamentals - (Page 5)
Create a New Macro. Wenn i try to save the "empty" Macro i got following Message:
"Solidworks Visual Studio Tools for Applications

No Visual Studio template Information found. See the application log in Event Viewer for more details...."

This happens with disabled VSTA Version 3.0 checkbox in the SWX Systemoption.
After that SWX hangs and i have to kill it.


2. Problem
I enabled the VSTA 3.0 checkbox in the SWX Systemoption.
Ok now i can save the macro and also open in the MS Visual Studio Community 2015.
According to page 7 i should have 3 references to the Solidworks libraries. In my case i have only 2. The referenc :"SolidWorks.Proxy.Solidworks" is missing.


3. Problem.

i added the code to create the legendary "Hello World" Code.

Wenn i try to run the macro i got following error message:" You can not debug or run the project, because the needed version of Microsoft Office Application is not installed."


Thats a lot of failure for the beginning :-(. Can anybody tell me whats the reason for this Problems?


Stay healthy