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Motion Analysis Issue w/ Path Mate

Discussion created by Zachary Geiselman on Apr 23, 2020
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I have made an assembly of a modified slider crank mechanism for a school project. I used a path mate to have it function properly, since for some reason I was unable to get the Slot mate to work properly. The assembly works as it should, I can move the whole mechanism like I need to. It works in animation mode of the Motion Study tab when applying a simple rotary motor to the crank. But as soon as I use the Motion Analysis Add-In to do a Motion Analysis instead of animation, I run into several errors all over the place. I will paste as many as I can below:

 "When creating a path mate or a slot mate for use in a motion study, please select any constraint option other than "Free"."

            - I have tried modifying the constraint to any other option, but was unsuccessful.

Proceeding anyways with default settings, I receive this error:

Number of new element states 2 doesn't match number of old ones, 3.

Adjusting the frame rate to 250 gives the same error.
Using precise contact and a higher accuracy gives same error.
Turning on bushing gives this error:
Time 0.000000E+0:
Acceleration computation failed to converge after 25 iterations.
Equation with the largest imbalance: B123/1 IJ_RtL1
Imbalance = -1.060006614E-8
Variable receiving largest increment: CVMK/Part/1 AlphaDD
Delta = 0.000000000E+0
1) Check mass and inertia properties to ensure they are valid.
2) Make sure the choice of units is appropriate for the system.
   Systems that have very small inertias may benefit from "small"
   force units, e.g., dynes.
3) Check that motion generators are valid and no redundant constraints exist.
4) Check if impact functions caused a strange response in the model (verify properties).
5) An IMPLICIT DIFF element which does not reference DIF1 must be satisfied by its IC.


Changing the maximum iterations gives the same error. Changing the integrator type gives the same error. I have been trying to troubleshoot this project now for about 2 days with absolutely 0 progress. I would just do the animation but I need the data exported for a MATLAB analysis and comparison. I have never had any of these issues before, but I am lost on what to try. I have ready countless forums, watched countless YouTube videos, and still no success. I even tried remaking all the parts two more times, and have made probably 4 or 5 new assemblies in hopes I made a simple constraint error along the way.

I think the issue I have is how the path mates meet up in the corners, if you zoom in you can see they’re very very very slightly off. I will attach the files, if anyone has ANY idea, the help would be beyond appreciated. [SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP 4.0]