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Issues with Swept Cut on sprocket

Discussion created by Roy Hultberg on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2020 by Dennis Dohogne

Good Afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies,


Before begin, I would like to first have it noted that i am very new to Solid works and have limited experience as a CAD designer. I am currently designing a toothed sprocket for the owner of my company and am having issues with the tooth design arraying around the whole piece. I have been looking up tutorials online about creating Sprockets that have extruded radii off the main gear portion, which seems to solve the issue when making a Swept Cut. However my design will be flat and have a keyed center Extruded cut out, in turn this seems to cause an issue.


I hope these images depict the issue and hope that someone can help me with a somewhat easy to understand answer.