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How to Extend the Animation Time in Solidworks Composer Having Same Texture Translation Speed

Question asked by Shakeel Ahmad on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by Shakeel Ahmad

I am new to Solidworks Composer.Please see my attached composer file which is about the chemical process of a plant. The chemical process will remain same in the whole animation and i just want to change the side views of the plant after every 30 sec.


I have applied the texture translation to all parts of the plant and its animation time is only about 01 seconds. When i extend the time to e.g 30 sec Texture Translation Speed of all parts reduces. 



I summarized my 02 Questions


1- How to extend the animation time without affecting texture translation speed (looping)

2- After every 30 seconds, how can i change side views of the plant having same animation (texture translation) i have already applied to all parts of the plant, so that i should not repeat the texture translation to all parts again and again.