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Incorrect sketch projection on non 90 degree bends in sheet metal

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Apr 21, 2020

Measurement of edge flanges are not consistent between inside virtual intersection and outside virtual intersection, acute and obtuse angles. The sketch is not correctly projected and the flange length is then off.


external virtual sharp, sketch not projected correctly, sketch dimension and flange dimension differ.

correctly projected sketch for inner virtual sharp.


controlled by this 


However although this controls the projection of the sketch, the control is lost, the icons are not there,  if you have placed a dimension on the flange sketch to control its length. Although the projection of the sketch is set by this control, after editing the sketch with such a dimension you can no longer swap from the internal virtual sharp to the external sharp placement (the external being wrongly projected anyway).


I found several errors with bends that are not 90 degrees in SW. I think they need to change their testing program and use only bends that are not 90 degrees in testing and development. The 90 degree ones will fall out correct anyway.