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Is migrating PDM database and archive to new Windows server considered as part of maintenance or implementation?

Question asked by Leonis Wong on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by Amen Allah Jlili



As SW/PDM2020 onwards are not compatible with Windows Server 2012R, so we are deciding to migrate existing PDM server to new 2016 ver of Windows server.


However, we were told that this is not under maintenance but is actually considered new implementation and therefore is chargeable.


There's really a lot of grey area here as we don't know what is the criteria for technical support and implementation. And it seems like reseller can always conveniently define things as new implementation if they want more money.


Since we already set aside a huge budget for yearly maintenance, 11 SW Pro/Std + 8 PDM licenses. This will be frowned upon by our financial department when we can't even get "free" help for migration from our reseller as a subscribed customer.


To add insult to injuries, as to the guidelines and best practices, we were told is not for customer, but for VARs only. So it seems like we have to pay extra money on top of the yearly subscriptions.


Want to know whether this is considered as standard practice from DS or is it just the reseller making the calls?