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System requirements for simulation dedicated machine

Question asked by Mark Schulz on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Dave Laban

We are running SW 2019 both simulation premium and simulation professional.  I need to set up a machine for a couple of engineers to run seismic simulations on battery rack assemblies.  Usually these assemblies have around 20 to 30 parts.  We have been running on a dell 3630 tower with i7 3.7GH and 64gigs of ram with P5000 nvidia card.  The simulations are taking around 8 to 10 hours to solve.  We would like to get it down to 4 to 6 if possible.   It will most likely be a dedicated machine that engineers will remote into as needed, one at a time.  What is more important for simulation?  Pocessor or GPU, or do I need even more ram?  It seems we will be doing a lot of these in the near future so I will have some budget as soon as this Covid thing goes away. 



Mark S