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possibly undocumented feature of BOMs: direct part property access without setting up document properties

Question asked by Michael Wittig on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 12, 2009 by Josh Brady
I was fiddling around trying to get the mass field to automatically populate in BOMs and after some experimenting found some interesting things:

If you select a column in a BOM so you get the "Column Properties" dialog box, then choose Equation, and enter $PRP:"SW-Mass", the column will show the mass of the part's current configuration for each part in the table.

This also works with other variables. It works with $PRP:"SW-Volume" for example.

I have also tried $PRP:"SW-Material" and successfully automatically inserted the material chosen in the Materials Editor (by Edit, Appearance, Material)

These are all without having entered any custom properties in the part file. This is desirable because if the part doesn't have the particular custom property defined, the BOM field normally won't populate. This happens when you are working with a large assembly with parts models made by vendors and others beside yourself that didn't setup their custom properties like you did.

There are several problems I am looking for solutions for at the moment:

1) the values inserted in this way have a $PRP: in front of the value. For example, the mass reads $PRP:3.32 I need a workaround to get rid of this.

2) the values are for the current configuration. if your BOM lists two or more configurations of the same part, the bom gets populated with the material, volume, and mass of the current configuration, so they will be all the same. I need a workaround to get the values for the specific configuration for that row in the BOM.

3) is there a list of all the undocumented built-in properties somewhere, such as "SW-Mass", "SW-Volume", "SW-Material" etc that don't show up in the dropdown lists for custom properties?

Check out the image below to see what I am talking about