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Stress simulation on a cantilever in a rotary kiln

Discussion created by Pierre Siccardi on Apr 17, 2020
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Hi all,


My system is a rotary kiln where a cylindrical metal probe is attached to the inner surface(like a cantilever). The kiln diameter is 3 meters, and the probe length around 35 cm. In our system, strain gages record the probe deformation to monitor the pressure (linked with the projected area of the probe) applied by the product in the kiln on the probe. Kiln rotational speed is between 2 and 20 rpm. You can find attached a rapid sketch that represent the system.


My goal is to simulate this system, but my mechanical engineer training is quite old now and I’m rusty…so any advice or criticism about what I did would be appreciated.

To study this, I decided to launch a non-linear dynamic study. It is a 1 second study with 0.05 steps. (It is a frist trial, the goal being to simulate two full turns at higher rpm)


Prescribed displacements are as follow:

  • 0,01 rad rotation on outer cylinder
  • Zero radial and axial translation on outer cylinder

The only external load is gravity. You can see a snapshot of the study conditions attached. Is 


I chose to plot the strain on specified nodes using the probe tool like displayed in the results attached.

Do you think this is the right way to do it?

Now, if I want to display the normal stress acting on the cantilever, what should I use? Von Mises doesn’t seem right no? Do I need to define an area and direction?

Finally, I want to simulate the effect of a mass attached to the extremity of the probe, like if some product has stuck on the tip. What do you recommend me? Adding another part, like a donut attached to the extremity, or modify this part with a wart?


I also attached the sldwrks file.


Thank you, have a good and safe weekend at home!