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Microsoft Office crashing

Question asked by Michael Didrickson on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2009 by Derek Taylor
We are having a problem with multiple computers here where it seems like Solidworks is crashing microsoft office. When I have Solidworks open, I randomly, yet consitently, have every office application I have open crash. None of the office products will open again until I reboot my computer. This even happens when I have no office products open, but then I will run an excel base BOM, or try to edit a design table, and then the excel function crashes, and nothing works until I reboot. This effects Excel, Outlook, Word and Access. Probably effects other office applications, but these are the ones I use regularly.

This problem existed ever since we upgraded to SW2009. We have updated with each SP, we are currently running SP3.0 and the problem still exists. We have the problem with SW2009 32 bit running on Windows XP Pro 32 bit, and on Vista 64 bit (the 32 bit XP is running SW 32, and the Vista 64 is running SW 64). If we uninstall SW, the crashing problems seem to go away. Is anyone else having this kind of problem, or might know what we can do about it? We are running the current SP for office, and have ran the office diagnostics numerous times but it never shows any issues. We believe the problem lies somewhere in solidworks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.