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SW 2020 sp2.0 graphics issue

Question asked by Scott Bellows on Apr 18, 2020


Wondering if anyone else had this issue:

The graphics cannot keep up with the MMB orbit.  Mouse moves, but graphics output does not: it "hitches".

Simple white cube, so system is not under load.

Nvidia RTX 4000 with recommended driver

tried different mice & drivers

Does not hitch in software OpenGL

Tried other solid modelling based software with no issues:  FeatureCam, Fusion

1 hour online session with Nvidia tech support = no answers

VAR handling since December = no answers

If I use the system for a few hours, the hitching GOES AWAY.  But comes back after reboot pc or restart SW


SW2020 sp2.0

Win 10 pro

i9 3.6 GHz

32GB ram

Nvidia RTX4000 driver R440 (442.74), 3840 x 2160


Any troubleshooting ideas appreciated!