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Fused Bend Issue when using Construction Geometry

Question asked by Todd Blacksher on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by Todd Blacksher

This is a simplified example of a part that I am working with currently.


The attached part was created in SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0

I’m back in the office, so I can’t test it with SolidWorks 2019 or 2020 right now.

I would like to see if a newer version of SolidWorks yields similar results, or if the issue can be repeated.


The part was drawn with sketched bends – it needs to be done this way, per company standards.

(I mention this because the “solution” for SPR #705257 was to model with Edge Flanges.)


I was editing a part, and to “temporarily remove” one or two of the bends, I changed the sketched bend line to construction geometry. (This is my go to method when I start editing – keep all geometry until I know that it is no longer necessary.)


As soon as I change one of the sketched bend lines to construction geometry, I get a “failed to rebuild” error, and a message that “The bend may be fused with other bend.”



This error will appear any time that one of the lines is construction geometry.


I tried turning ALL of the sketch bend lines to construction, and drawing a single line through the middle of the part.

Same result!


As if this wasn’t already weird enough, check this out . . .

If you edit the sketched bend sketch, and DELETE one of the lines, the remaining flanges will bend!

If you undo the deletion of the sketch line, and convert the same line to construction, the remaining flanges will bend.


The odd, yet reproducible behavior screams BUG to me – The question is: Has this been fixed yet?

It is a quick and dirty part to replicate the issue that I am seeing with an internal file.


Play around with the lines in the SketchedBend1 sketch and let me know what happens.



I'll hit up my VAR later, I just thought that I would you all check this out first.