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Assembly Tree missing patterns, shows 2D Notes folder instead?

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by Hemantkumar Patel

My top level assembly shows correctly in the graphics area, but is missing components in the tree, namely a pattern of some components in sub-subassemblies.  When I open up the the assemblies in the other levels, the tree is correct. If I add the same component again to its same parent, that instance shows correct in the TLA.  The glitched component shows a "2D Notes" folder instead of the pattern feature, ref geometry, and other missing tree items.


Anyone know what setting I'm missing?   Or is this a corrupted file?

When I click the patterned components in the graphics screen, they highlight normally, but nothing is selected in the tree.  If I select the seed component in the graphics area, it highlights it in the tree.


I've tried rebuilding, pack and goes, deleting all the configurations, deleting all display states, switching levels to lightweight and back to resolved, turning all the solidworks warning dialogs back on, looking at configuration properties, component properties dialog.  I've googled & searched forum.  Can't figure it out.  Anyone know what I'm missing?


Screenshot is of a simplified pack-in-go for debugging purposes.  The real TLA has a thousand parts, where at least 5 subassemblies have the same glitch, not showing patterns, but showing the 2D folder.


My feature Tree settings


Thanks much for any help!