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Design Study with spur gear contact (linear, static, assembly)

Question asked by Stephen Mounioloux on Apr 17, 2020
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I've got a assembly simplified for this analysis involving a few connecting rods, in a rhombic arrangement driven by a motor through a couple spur gear. Roughly a dozen, very simple parts and twice as many mates.


I'm studying the resulting forces on the output of the system in function of the phase angle. As input (external load) I only have a simple torque on my input shaft. The output forces are function of this phase angle, hence the parametric study.


I've solved a a couple different positions by manually mating the teeth but I'd like to be able to skip that step if at all possible.


I've mated my gears with "gearmate" and it's doing the job to build an assembly or run motion studies but as far as simulation this does not help.