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How to properly fix a lifting arm when considering two forces.

Discussion created by Paul Davin on Apr 16, 2020
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I'm after some advice about how to simulate the forces on a lifting arm please.


In the image attached there are 3 holes A, B, C:

  • There is a weight (force travelling down) at point A.
  • There is a force applied along the pink line to rotate the arm at point B.
  • The pivot is located at point C.


When only considering one force the other two pints can be fixed - just considering the weight at A, both points B and C can be fixed (as would happen when the arm would be at rest) or when just considering the force acting at both and C can be fixed (as if the force required to lift the weight has not been met).

Unfortunately when considering both forces at the same time the arm will move (as intended). Any suggestions on how I should accurately fix or constrain the arm in a static study?

Many thanks.