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Complying with your customers CAD standards?

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Frank Oostendorp

Hey guys,


I'm curious what kind of methods or procedures do you use when you have to adjust your CAD standards (templates, BOM's, numbering scheme, assembly structuring, etc.) to your customer's needs?


In my opinion, this is one of the most boring and time-consuming things we need to do when we start working for a new customer that also uses SW. And it gets even worse when the customer has a customer, that has a bad CAD standard 


I rather work with customers that only need the project in neutral format than with customers who have bad cad standards, that are eating my precious time away...


For example, as an engineering design company we have different types of projects if we look at them from the CAD standard point of view:

1. Projects, that are CAD standard independent and our customer gets the project in a neutral format (STEP, DXF, PDF, excel BOMs) 

  • In this case, we don't need to adjust anything because we use our own CAD standard that is made to work with PDM like a charm

2. Projects, where the customer wants that in the end, the drawings resemble theirs. In this case, the customer also gets the project in neutral format, but the drawings look like they were made by them.

  • We adjust Sheet Formats, BOM's, Numbering schemes and maybe some minor things

3. Projects, where the customer also has SW and wants us to comply with their CAD standards.

  • If the CAD standard is good, no problem. We use their settings and ways of modeling.

4. Projects, where CAD standards get changed by the customer because they are adjusting them on the go for their customer.

  • If we have already accepted this project (which we shouldn't have done in the first place  ), WHAT CAN WE DO?


How do you decide if a project is worth doing? 

How do you make adjustments to your customer's standard? Do you start the project by your own standard and then switch to theirs?

Do you try to show your customers how to make a better CAD standard?


For example, I don't like it when:

  • I have to use a hierarchical numbering scheme
  • I have to use BOMs for weldments and deal with all the bugs that come with this combination
  • I have no Custom Tabs
  • I have to manually put info into the title block
  • fasteners have no material specified and no mate references
  • the anchor points for tables are set wrong
  • title blocks are of different widths and I have to use different BOMs to make it look nice
  • etc. get the picture...


So, what don't you like and how do you handle it, if you just have to handle it somehow .