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Request for 9V battery dimensions

Discussion created by Michael Paul on Apr 15, 2020
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I'm designing an enclosure that is to use 9V batteries and I've discovered that there is a fair amount of variability in the dimensions of 9V batteries.  I got 2 models from the online community and they were up to .080 inches longer than three that I had at my office.


Since I can't possibly obtain all the batteries that are available, especially internationally (I'm in the US), I'm requesting of those of you who have a 9V battery or two handy and a set of calipers, if you could please measure them for me so I can see what the variation really is across brands.


I've currently measured a Panasonic Industrial, and Energizer Industrial, and a standard Duracell battery.


if you would post the dimensions as shown in the following sketch, I'd greatly appreciate it.


battery dimensions