Chad Williamson

i'm trying to make a change to my post processor with UPG & it's not working

Discussion created by Chad Williamson on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2020 by Austen Popejoy

we use to have camworks & now use solidworks cam so i'm familiar with the camworks UPG software for modifying a post processor. my problem is that when I compile the source file, UPG is not creating a ctl or lng file. it's telling me that the source compiled successfully but it's not creating anything. I've tried changing where the files are to be created & it still does nothing. I've redownloaded & installed the UPG software & still nothing. i'm wondering if windows 10 isn't creating my problem. it's been 3-4 yrs (maybe more) since I last made a change & I think I was using windows xp then.


has anyone else run into this?

if so how did you fix it?



chad w