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Trouble with extruded cut

Question asked by Xavior Bryth on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Xavior Bryth

I'm currently following a tutorial and I am stuck. I am trying to cut out the semi circle shape from the curved solid on both ends. I have attached a screenshot of the part and extrude settings. When I hit the checkmark to confirm the cut, I get a message saying "Rebuild Errors. The intended cut does not intersect the model. Please check the sketch and direction."I also tried to do a blind cut making sure it was going through the solid, but it didn't solve the issue.


My plan was to move on and solve this issue later. I soon ran into another issue with the extrude cut tool. I was trying to cut through two shapes but it only went through one when I had selected "Through all".