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Navigating Feature Manager with keyboard only

Question asked by Daniel Samarin on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by Daniel Samarin

Running Solidworks 2018 SP5.0.


I'm having difficulty navigating the Feature Manager (in .SLDPRT or .SLDASM) with the arrow keys on my keyboard in such a way that the arrow keys actually select (highlight) the item I navigate to. I want the arrow keys to be able to select (highlight) the item because I want to do things to the item I select (suppress, hide, edit, etc). Trying to reduce mousing.


Right now using arrow keys just seem to result in some non-useful box outline of the item in the Feature Tree. 


What I want:


What I'm getting:


Here are my Options:


I'm seeing the same thing in the context of a .SLDASM. When I use the arrow keys, the part is not getting fully highlighted, just this halfway highlighting that doesn't seem to be a "real" selection.