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Gas mixture into a pre-filled pipe

Discussion created by Chun 9321 Md Yick on Apr 16, 2020



I am doing a fluid simulation in Solidworks:


Step 1: Inject 30 sccm of Helium into a pipe for 30 minutes 

Step 2: Inject 20 sccm of Hydrogen and 10 sccm of Methane at the same time into a pipe for 30 minutes


I have made the lids at both ends. The one at the entrance was set to a defined velocity, and the one at the exit was set to atmosphere pressure. Focusing in step two, is there any way that define the gas as a mixture of hydrogen and methane at the beginning, and simulate the interaction between hydrogen/methane and helium after 30 minutes? How to define Helium as a pre-filled gas in the pipe? (which the pipe is filled with helium, and the hydrogen/ methane interact with it afterwards?)