Tyler MacConnell

Cannot rotate drawing without 'blocks"

Discussion created by Tyler MacConnell on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2009 by Wayne Tiffany
Hi all,

I am not an engineer, and I barely know how to use SW. I am the IT person for our company which does use SW. The problem is that when one of our engineers attempts to rotate a drawing (of a complex handle) the rendering turns blocky and doesn't become smooth again until the rotating is stopped. He says using the lower-quality option does increase the speed but the quality is not acceptable. We are running SW 2007 Office Pro.

He is running the program on a Dell Precsion M70 laptop with 2GB Ram. I installed the program on my 2008 MacBook Pro (under bootcamp / Vista) and he saw no improvement. He also tried it on another engineer's Dell XPS M1530 notebook and saw no improvement.

His own laptop meets all the recommended requirements for 2007. Why does this issue occur?