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Alter Appearances of Parts in Drawing

Discussion created by Jim Popovitch on Apr 14, 2020
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Hello All,


I'm working with an assembly/drawing of wiring harnesses going to various systems on the floor of an aircraft. This drawing will be utilized so that technicians can look at the drawing, see the various harnesses and determine their destinations, as well as how they lay over/under each other. The colored "tubes" you see in the Wiring Snippet photo are the harnesses, and the surrounding gray items is the aircraft factory floor panels the harnesses rest on.


I apologize I can't show the whole thing, nor can I send over any Solidworks files, I do need to maintain a level of discretion with the material, but what you see in the colored snippet is typical of the model and shouldn't affect the context of my question.


I'm running into an aesthetic issue with the drawing. If I were to take a detail view, or a chunk out of a top view of the assembly like the attached Drawing Snippet, what happens is the loss of color results in a loss of understanding of where the wiring harnesses begin and end, you only see a grouping of horizontal lines. In other words, a technician might not be able to tell what's harness and what is floor.


I'm looking for an easy way to distinguish the appearances of the harness parts from the surrounding structure. Is there way to alter the appearances of the harness parts in the drawing, or at the part level such that it carries over to the drawing, i.e. make the harnesses textured somehow? I would think the go to answer would be to hatch, but hatching is a huge PITA for this. I'd have to convert entities and make sketches to get hatch boundaries and that isn't feasible for what I intended to do with this drawing.


Theoretically I could go the other way around as well, and add a texture to the surrounding floor panels; I just need to separate the appearances of these items somehow that isn't a massive headache.




Thank you!