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Question asked by Matt Bledsoe on Apr 14, 2020
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We are relatively small company that recently implemented a PDM vault setup for our Engineering server. I have approx 5 users. On the vault I've attempted to keep it as simple as possible. I have 2 main folders. One is a "Purchased Parts" folder, the other is a "Manufactured Parts" folder. 


My Manufactured parts folder is experiencing lengthy load times and I am not sure of the cause of this or if their is something that can be done to speed it up. On avg I would say it takes 30sec to a full minute to even display files. Some systems are slower yet and will sit their a load for upwards of 2 min or longer. We have pretty good internet speeds so I am hesitant to think it's network thing but am unsure. 


I should note their are approx 70k files in this manufacturing folder. Is this the cause? Do i need to break this down and have internal sub folders to help load speeds? At first implementation it never took this long to load. I'd say in the last 2 weeks though it's really slowed.


Any and all help is appreciated.


Using SW2020  -WITH PDM STANDARD 2020