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Does anyone else have problems getting their IT group to help setup email notifications from PDM?

Question asked by Josh Cressman on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Josh Cressman

I've been working with our outside IT team for about 2 months trying to get email notifications from PDM setup at my company. I've reached out to our VAR and they told me that because we use Office 365, we need to setup a relay in order for these email notifications to work. They even gave me instructions on how to do it. I passed that info along to IT and after several attempts at getting them to believe this is what needs to be done, they tell me that they're not sure if they can set it up because it creates a hole in our security. I'm not an IT guy and certainly not a security expert, but has anyone else dealt with this type of resistance from IT regarding setting up email notifications through PDM? Does anyone else out there use PDM notifications? Am I crazy for trying to setup PDM notifications???


I realize that there my not be a whole lot that any of you can help me with, but any therapy would be appreciated. Thanks!