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Cutting a NACA profile through a 3D Shape

Discussion created by James James on Apr 14, 2020
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Hi everyone,


My first week with this software so bear with me - though I've been studying hard so hopefully this isn't a stupid question.


I'm looking to create a hydrofoil. I've created a profile (top view) and outline (front view) and now looking to use a NACA profile (airfoil shape) to cut along the shape along the side view.


So I'm looking to create a wing shaped profile that is fit within the extents of the surface, then cuts along it strictly in the side direction ( x ).


This is the profile I want swept and cut out of the above surface. I know how to import the profile. Just unsure how to cut it out of the shape.



I know a long way round solution would be to cut the surface into several planes, and scale the NACA profile into each using the surface as a template, then loft between each of the correctly placed NACA profiles.

Though is there a quick and easy shortcut?